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By: J. Barrett

Title: Cinnamon stick santa ornament
Categories: Misc
Yield: 1 servings

4 " cinnamon stick 10 " length of gold cord
1" x 2" piece of red felt Scissors
1/4 " (5mm) white pompom Tacky glue
1/4 " (5mm) red bead or pompom Fine line black marker
1 Sm amt stuffing Cinnamon oil(optional)

if cinnamon stick is too long, carefully break off a 4" piece. the
'seamed' side of the stick will be the back of the santa; the unseamed
side will be the front.
knot the 2 ends of the gold thread tog. to make a loop. glue the knotted
end in the seam at one end of the cinnamon stick.
to form the hat;wrap the red felt around the hanger end of the cinnamon
stick, overlapping at the back. glue in place. let dry.
add 'fur' trim to hat by gluing a 1/2" wide strip of cotton or stuffing
around the bottom edge of the felt piece. let dry
use marker to draw on 2 black eyes
beneath eyes, glue on red bead or pompom for the nose. let dry
below the nose, shape a piece of cotton or stuffing into a beard;wrap it
around the cinnamon stick, gluing edges of the cotton or stuffing at the
glue the white pompom on the top left of the felt hat
if desired, enhance your scenta santa fragrance by dabbing on a drop of
cinnamon oil before hanging him on the tree or typing him to top of a