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Cranberry wreaths

Cranberries are attached to the form with a glue gun.
Step 1 - Cover a flat back wreath (styrofoam) with red felt. Visually divide
the wreath into quarters and work on a quarter at a time. Step 2 - On one
quarter glue a row of cranberries down the center (clockwise) this is hard
to explain but the picture shows the cranberries following the curve of
the ring - like if you were putting cranberries on a clock, you'd be
putting them on the numbers from six to eight. Then fill in this quarter
above and below the center line from the inside up to the outside to give
full coverage. Move on to the next quarter section. It looks like they
run a line of glue and then quickly place the cranberries down onto the
glue. They mention that if you get any strings of glue to cut them off
or remove them and not to glue over the strings or the cranberries won't
stay in place.