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Dried Floral Straw Hat


1 - 15" straw hat
1 Yellow Buttercups
1 silk double nanies breath
1 stem pink rose bus x 5
1 stem dusty rose buds x 5
1 fern spray
5 yds. twisted pirple paper ribbon
1 bag dried moss
1 bag of dreid statice
1 bag of dried babies breath
Glue gun
Medium guage wire
wire cutters


Make Bow from twisted apaper ribbon. Wire bow to back of hat
crown. Glue moss around brim of hat. Cut flowers. Glue flowers in
sections on the moss around hat. Cut leaves and glue in sections
on the hat and moss. Fill in with rest of dreid florals.

To hang, make wire loop on the under side of the hat toward the
top of the hat.