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By: J. Barrett

Title: Dramatic jewelry
Categories: Misc
Servings: 1

8 1/2 " square of cardboard
1/8 " diameter hole punch
1 Wax paper
1 Aleenes tacky glue
1 Paints:black, red, white
1 Tothpicks
1 Corsage pin
1 Aleenes right on finish
1 Paintbrush
1 Jewelry findings:
13 jump ring, 1 barrel clasp
1 pair of fish hook earrings
1 (2" long) eye pins, 1
Pin back.
1 Monofilament line
4 Mm round black beads
5 Mm faceted black beads
5 Mm square red beads
1 Pliers-needlenose
1 Aleenes designer tacky glue

1. trasfer patterns to cardboard and cut 2 large triagnles, 13 med.
triangles, and 1 small triangle. using hole punch and referring to
pattern, punch 1 hole in each med triangle (at top)
2. cover work area w/wax paper. on a separate piece o feax paper, squeeze
out 3 small puddles of tacky glue. add an equial amount of 1 paint color
to each puddle and mix well using toothpick.
3. using toothpick completely cover 1 side of 1 large traingle w/a
generous base coat of black paint mixture. the base coat must be heavy to
achieve the loop of copper enameling. while the base coat is still wet,
dip another toothpick in red paint mixture;drizzle a wavy red line
diagonally across triangle. drizzle additional wavy lines on triangle,
alternating white and red. using corsage pin pull point of pin through
paint to swirl design. rep with rem large and med triangles. for sm
triangle paint base coat with red, and use black and white to drizzle
design. let all pieces dry overnight.
4. brush 1 coat of finish gloss on painted side of each triangle. let dry.
paint back of each triangle black. elt dry
5. to assemble necklace, attach 1 jump ring to each of 11 med triangles.
string beads and triangles on monofilament;attach 1/2 of barrel calsp to
each end. to assemble earrings, attach 1 jump ring to each of 2 rem med
triangles. thread beads onto each eye pin;attach 1 earring hook to each
triangle w/eye pin, using needlenose pliers. to assemble pin, glue large
and sm triangles tog using designer tacky glue, glue bar pin to back of