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By: Janey

Quick Craft Fund Raiser

You will have to use your imagination to follow me on this one, its so simple
and silly, that I have my two daughters makeing them and they cant make them
quick enough!!!

Step 1.. find and old piece of cardboard al little smaller then a business
card, any old piece doesnt matter if it has writing on.!
Step 2.. Wrap it up in some very pretty paper, or plain paper coloured is just
as good.
Step 3.. Cover with lots of really pretty glitter!!!
Step 4.. Tie a really pretty wrapping ribbon or something similar, just to
it look as "PRETTY" as you can.
Step 5.. Make a pretty little tag for it, that has a picture of a fairie or
angle etc on it. And write the following on the tag:

This gift contains
the most precious
gift of all. Kind
thoughts and many hugs.
Never to opened!
Just kept close to your heart
to remember that
someone loves you

Simply and really sweet!!! and we sell them for $2.50 Aus