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By: Emily Breed
Re: Help Get Started

This is from the list that my jewelry teacher gives new students:

Starter Collection Intermediate Collection
(add to starter collection tools)
2" ball-pein hammer Bench pin
Jeweler's saw - #1 or #2 blade Ring clamp
Round nose pliers Ring mandrel
Half-round needle point file Burnisher
A smooth steel surface Chain nose pliers
Square nose pliers
Metal shears
Drill gun, dremel tool, or flexshaft
Small horn anvil
8- or 10-piece jeweler's file set
Sliding millimeter gauge
Bracelet mandrel
Small rawhide or soft mallet

Propane heat source Oxy/acetylene or natural gas heat
Flux source
Easy silver solder Copper tongs
Three-sided scraper Third hands
Heavy screen
Loose blocks
Medium & hard solder
Acid pickle

Matte finish - fine emery Polishing motor w/4" cotton buffs
High polish - drill gun (or equiv)
with hard felt tip, tripoli,
and rouge