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12" foam white wreath form
2 yards white jumbo Loopy chenille
1 yard pink jumbo Loopy chenille
7 yards Buttercup 1 1/2" wide floral satin ribbon
1 yard ptr-gathered lace #709 - Jelly Bean Design
1 yard 3" wide white lace
2 - 123 mm EZ Glue Eyes
2 - 2" white pom poms
1 - 1" pink pom pom
1 - 3" styrofoam ball
1 pkg. T pins or Fern pins
1 yard each 1/8" satin ribbon in following colors: capri blue apple green strawberry orchid yellow recommended glue: Hot glue gun



1. Cut 6 yards of flora satin ribbon and wrap around wreath to cover.
2. Glue jelly bean lace to the back of wreath, making sure at least 1" shows beyond the wreath.
3. Glue white lace behind jelly bean lace, making sure 1 or more inches shows beyond jelly bean lace.


4. Attach 1 yard of white jumbo loopy chenille to the ball with a T or fern pin.
5. Wrap the chenille around ball, gluing as you go.
6. GLue 2 - 2" white pom poms to the from bottom of the wreath for "bunny cheeks". Glue 1" pink pom pom to center top of where cheeks meet to make the nose.
7. Glue eyes to face.
8. Cut 2 - 12" strips of while jumbo loopy chenille. Cut 2 - 6" strips of Ponk jumbo loopy chenille. 9. FOld 12" strip of white loopy in half, insert 6" strip of pink inside of folded 12" strip. Glue at top only. Twist ends together. Repeat for other ear.
10.Pin and glue ears to top of head.
11.Secure Bunny to center of wreath with pins and glue.
12.ARMS - Cut 2 - 12" pieces of white loopy. Fold each in half and twist end together. Pin and Glue behind head.
13. BOWS - Cut 12" pieces from each if the 1/8" satin ribbon colors. Put all colors together and make a bow. Glue to the bunny.
14.Take the remaining 1 yard of flora satin ribbon and make a bow. Glue under bunny's face.
15. Take the remaining 1/8" satin flora ribbons, put them together and make a bow. Glue this bow to center of yellow bow.


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