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Candy Cane Treat Box


10 count white Plastic Canvas (4 x 6)

7 count white Plastic Canvas (2 sheets)

#22 Tapestry Needle

White Glue or Hot Glue Gun

Metallic Threads

1/6 Ribbon


Aztec Gold

Heavy (#32) BraId


Medium (#32) Braid



To form box sides, cut four rectangle shapes (24 x 46 holes) and one square shape (24 x 24 holes) from 7 count plastic canvas. From 10 count plastic canvas, following heavy lines on charts, cut out four peppermint, four leaf and two candy cane shapes.

Continental stitch and overcast the peppermints and candy canes with Pearl. Add highlights with Red as indicated on charts.

Long stitch and overcast the leaves using Green.

Finish holder by whipstitching box sides together and attaching square bottom with Aztec Gold. Following photograph for placement, on one side of holder, glue one leaf in each corner. Glue a peppermint over the end of each leaf. Glue candy canes to holder, overlapping as shown in photograph. Using a 7 inch length of Gold,. make a bow and attach to top candy cane.