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JACK-O-LANTERN (styrofoam creations)



(1) 6" BALL
(1) 2 1/2" EGG





1. Saw 1/2" from ball for bottom of jack-o-lantern. Draw 8 lines around ball. Using a knife, indent foam 1/4" at line markings. This works best if you start at 1/4" on either side of line and cut at an angle. Sand grooves slightly to round edges.

2.To make the pumpkin"glow" first paint yellow. When dry, paint the grooves orange.

3. To cut off top of pumpkin and achieve a natural look, saw at an angle toward the center of the ball.

4. To make stem, roll long end of 2 1/2" egg on hard surface until flattened all around. Paint it brown and glue to pumpkin lid.

5. Carve jack-o-lantern face, cutting at angle toward inside of pumpkin. Use chenille stem as a paint brush to paint inside of cut-outs and lid.

********** HELPFUL HINTS *********

CUTTING: Cut away small sections or slices of foam at a time. This will prevent you from cutting too much off a foam piece. Cut foam pieces with a serrated knife or a small saw. Wax the blade with a piece of wax or candle stub for smoother, easier cuts. Always keep knife perpendicular to the table and cut down with a back-n-forth "sawing" motion. Try to maintain as even cut as possible. Don't worry if your cuts are not exact. Fitting foam pieces together can be "fine-tuned" by pressing and sanding.

PRESSING: Foam pieces can be pressed, one piece against another firmly, to create a flat spot. The pieces can be sanded together to remove additional foam, or to create a smooth fit.

SANDING: Sanding smooths the cut edges and surfaces of pieces. This is done by rubbing two pieces of foam together. Whenever possible, rub the cut edges or sides of pieces that will be joined together. This will help achieve a smooth fit. Edges can also be rounded using this method.