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Karen's Home Page!

The above is a random midi player! It plays a different song every time you come in.

Here's what Gary and I looked like at one of the best times in our lives - our honeymoon cruise. That was 8 years ago, though, I look somewhat different now.

I'll try to get a more recent picture up as soon as I can find one I can live with.

Gary and Karen Honeymoon

Here are our 2 cats, Pixel and Felix. Pixel is the orange one, Felix is the black and white one. Learn more about them on their own pages (below).

Pixel's Page
Felix's Page

Pixel and Felix

Meet my other pet, Troi, at work.

One of the major influences in my life has been the fact that I was born with a genetic condition called Turner Syndrome. With some other TS women, I have put together a page of our personal experiences. Please visit us to hear the Voices of Turner Syndrome.

If you'd like to surf in some areas I'm interested in, please visit my page of links.

Please bookmark this page - new things coming, an early version of some of my craft pages are up.

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