By: Joanna Benz

Free Gift Bows -- directions

Here's a way to recycle those old plastic bags from your favorite
dept store. Only requirements are 1 large plastic shopping bag
(pastel colors work great), and scotch tape.

Take a large plastic bag, size 20" x 30" or whatever, and cut off
all the black writing (name of store, etc.). Note that you will lose
a large portion of the bag by removing the side with the advertising.

Cut edges so whole piece lays flat, trim into a rectangular shape.

Cut across the bag the short way, so you are left with two short
but wide pieces, about 12"-14" long.

Now, tie the pieces together twice, making a knot. Tie into a bow.
Spread out both sides of bow like a fan.

This is a great shortcut, in a pinch, and looks especially "dressy"
when wrapping with the funny papers -- a common occurrance in our
house, with so many birthdays!

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