Title: Poncho, knit
Categories: Knit
Yield: 1 servings

1 Size 8 knitting needles 1 Yarn, depends on length

starting at top with circular #8 needles, cast on 96 sts.
work in ribbing of k1, p1 for several inches. (I made my long enough to
fold over for a collar).

for the body, k48, place a marker, k 48, place a marker (i make one marker
with longer strands of yarn so i know when i've completed one row).

every other row increase one stitch before and after each marker. it
should come out like this:

| | neck
| |
: / \
: / \
: / \ body
/ \
/ \

bind off when you get to desired length.

(C) j. barrett 1992

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