From: Virginia B. Sauer
Organization: Delphi Internet Services Corporation


Pepper wreaths are gorgeous ... I've seen them in catalogues and
local stores for well over $ 45.00, and they are really

You can quickly and easily make them yourself by purchasing
dried peppers and either a straw or styrofoam wreath.

If carefully packed and stored, this will become a permanent
decoration that can be displayed each year.


Straw or styrofoam wreath (usually about 10 inches in
diameter for this type of project)

Deep brown or burgundy paint if using a straw wreath and/or
glue gun (optional)

Wire for hook

Glue gun and glue sticks, dark brown linoleum paste, or
fast-drying glue (such as Duco cement)

Dried peppers


-- Although it is not necessary, when working with white
styrofoam, I like to first spray it with paint (in this case,
brown or deep burgundy) to provide depth and prevent exposed
areas from standing out. (This is not necessary if using a
straw wreath or linoleum paste.)

-- Wrap some wire around the wreath, incorporating a hook to
serve as the hanger.

-- Although a glue gun works the fastest, such glues as Duco
cement can also be used. (If using styrofoam, you could also
spread dark brown linoleum paste over the wreath and simply
press the peppers into that.)

-- Working from rim to rim (i. e., either beginning at the inner
rim and working toward the outer, or vice versa) glue one row
of peppers across the wreath. Alternate, so that some are
attached at the stem end, and others by the tip. (If using a
glue gun or fast-drying glue, put a dab on each pepper before
pressing into the wreath ... If using dark brown linoleum
paste which you have already spread across the top of the
wereath, just press the peppers into the paste.)

-- Add a second row of peppers, again alternating stem and tip
ends, and overlapping them over the peppers in the preceding

-- Continue adding rows of peppers - working from rim to rim,
and overlapping the peppers in the preceding row) until the
wreath is completely covered. Let dry.

-- Spray with clear high gloss polyurethane varnish. Let dry.
Repeat with a few more coats to protect the peppers and give
this a beautiful finish.

Variation: if intended to be functional as well as decorative,
omit spray, and attach peppers with U-shaped pins
(such as hair pins, preferably without rubber tips)
rather than glue. The recipient can then pluck and
use the peppers in his or her cooking.

Peppers can also be braided in the same manner as
garlic braids (for which directions are posted in