Jingle Bear


1large jingle bell
1 pkg. bear parts
gold silk roses, 1/2" size
12" tartan Lace - 1" wide
12" White Lace - 1" wide
15" red satin lace
recommended glue: low temp glue gun and sticks


Glue bear head in front of the hook at the top of the jingle bell.

Glue bear arms under head at the side of te bell.

glue bear legs to the bottom sides of the bell

Cut a 9" piece of tartan and glue it to the center of the bell.

Cut a 9" piece of whilte lace and glue over the tartan
covering the unfinished edges.

Take the remaining 3" piece of tartan and glue the end pieces
together making a small seam, then turn right side out.

Put center of hat over one of bears ears and glue.

Trim hat with remaining piece of white lace.

Cut 9" piece of red ribbon and glue under bears neck.

Make a small loop from the remaining ribbon and glue to hat.

Add the silk rose.