By: Karol Harding

Papermaking for Kids:

My own idea..though someone may have already thought of it..
take an embroidery hoop, pref. wooden, about 7-8 inches.

Take scrap paper and tear it into tiny, tiny pieces or
very thin strips. soak in water. put in blender.
If you want sizing, add laundry starch. put pulp into
water container about 16" long and 5-6" deep.

in the meantime, you have take the embroidery hoops and
covered them with 2 layers of common netting (layers out-of-0
sync to give more strength, more filtering).

dip hoops into water, bringing up with pulp on them.
turn over onto paper towers, cover with second paper towel.
roll with roller to squeeze water out.
Put colored confetti or plant materials to decorate.

You could use food coloring or const. paper bits to color the pulp,
except that 2 children will not be able to agree on colors wanted. fun!