By: Valerie Gagnon
Macaroni garland for kids

Here is a fun idea to do with small kids to decorate the christmas tree.

Mix 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol with a few drops of green or red
food coloring. Drop in some uncooked mararoni shapes such as pizza wheels
ziti, or any other shape that has some type of "hole" opening. Gently mix
the macaroni the alcohol mixture to completly dye the macaroni. Lay out
on a cookie sheet that is covered with waxed paper and let completly
dry. These shapes can then be "strung" with yarnor other string and
hung on the tree.

CAUTION: do not let children do this on their own since the will
be working with alcohol. And caution the smaller kids that the macaroni,
although quite pretty, isn't to be eaten.

My son and I tried this, and although he was "too big for kid stuff" (his
words) he really enjoyed coming up with different designs. We even made other
colors such as orange, black,purple, etc. It was fun.

Happy holidays