From: Virginia B. Sauer


These are very popular because of their interesting "weathered"
look and wonderful scent.

Although lovely by themselves, they also provide an excellent
container for gifts of citrus potpourri, whether packed in side
or in an accompanying cellophane bag.

Potpourr-filled orange skin boxes would also make lovely favors.

Best of all, they are free, since you can still eat the fruit of
the orange or use it in cooking/beverages.


1 orange


-- Cut the orange in half.

-- Scoop out the pulp and set aside to use in cooking/beverages.

-- Gently wash inside without breaking the skin.

-- Gently turn each orange half inside-out, so that the outer
rind becomes the inside of the "shell".

-- Place each half over an inverted drinking glass.

-- Place in microwave oven and heat at for 4 minutes at medium.

-- Remove from microwave, again gently remold orange over glass,
and return to microwave oven. Heat for minutes 4 longer.

-- Repeat the above process until the orange skin is dry.

-- Remove from microwave oven and let cool. (The boxes will be
off-white in color.)