By: Lisa L. Pardy
Re: More christmas ornament ideas

Here are two longtime favourite Christmas crafts from my family:

1. Christmas Drum tree ornaments

Cut a piece of cardboard bathrooom tissue core about 2" long or so,
making a 2" long hollow cylinder. This will become your "drum".

Cut a strip of felt the same width as the "drum" and long enough to encircle it; glue the
felt around the circumfrence of the "drum".

Now cut two circles of felt in a colour contrasting the body covering (red & green are the
traditional colours, of course : ) but make yours fit your christmas tree
decor); the circles should be big enough to cover the ends of the "drum".
Using white glue, glue one circle onto the "drum"; before gluing the second
"drum skin", you should glue a hanging cord onto the inside of the "drum
core". Then, when gluing the second "end" onto the "drum", make sure the
hanging cord is between the top & side and exposed for hanging. Then glue the
second "drum skin" on. The ends stay in place much better than you'd suppose
: )

Once the "drum" is constructed, glue some trim - we use gold cord - in a
zig-zag pattern around the body, and glue two toothpicks to it for drumsticks.