By: J. Barrett

Title: Twine christmas wreath
Categories: Misc
Yield: 1 servings

18 " 3 lengths of baler twine Or 1/2 yd red and 2/3 yd o
1/4 " wide or 3/8" wide satin Green (wreath w/2 color tr
Ribbon-1 yd red or green 1 Short length of beige yarn
For wreath w/one color trims Tacky glue

each wreath 3 1/2"
braid the 3 lengths of baler twine tog, just as you would braid stands of
when entire length has been braided, shape into circle (wreath) by
crossing ends over each other and allowing each end of twine to extend
about 1 1/2". tie all of the pieces tog with yarn or jute twine at point
where the ends cross at the bottom of the wreath. closely trim ends of
wrap a 18" piece of ribbon around wreath and glue both ends to bottom back
of wreath, or tie two 6" pieces of green ribbon and one 6" piece of red
ribbon into tiny bows and glue to sides and top fo wreath. tie a 12" piece
of remaining ribbon into a bow and glue to bottom of wreath. trim ends
diagonally. let glue dry.

another variation-the one i mother used was to just use the ribbon for a
big double bow at the bottom (instead of wrapping diagonally the ribbon
throughout the wreath), then she added jingle bells.

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