By: J. Barrett

Title: Twine christmas door wreath
Categories: Misc
Yield: 1 servings

36 Lengths of baler twine, 4 1 Sm amt beige yarn or twine
Feet each 1 Tacky glue
3 Yd of 2" wide red or green 1 Yd of 18 gauge wire
Satin ribbon

each door wreath=10"
bend wire into circle with about a 10" diameter. twisting ends around one
another to close.
tie the baler twine lengths tog about 4" from one end. divide the lengths
into 3 groups of 12 each and braid as for ornament wreath. after shaping
braid into a circle, overlap and tie ends tog, allowing about 4" of ends
to extend unbraided. tie braid to wire circle with a piece of yarn or jute
add ribbona nd bow as for ornament wreath, using about 1 1/2 yds; to wrap
wreath and remainder for bow.
change ribbon color to match the season for a 'country' door wreath all
year long

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