Mary Dixon

 (A size "J" hook with 150 chains and 14 3-oz. skeins of each color makes an afghan 49" wide by 56" long. Or, @ 135 chains, a 1.75 oz skein = 4-1/2" of each color.)

 Chain loosely to size, using color A.

 Finish off last ch with color B, leaving a tail about 6" long; turn.

 In 2nd ch, sc across.

 Finish off with color A, (leaving 6" tail again); turn.

 *Starting in first st of color B, pick up top of sc plus top of sc of previous row and sc across to end.

 In last st, do half a sc (by pulling loop of color B through both stitches), then finish off st with color A, leaving 6" tail; turn. Cut off end of previous color, leaving tail.*

 Repeat between * for desired length.

 On last row, finish by picking up both stitches in top row, plus top of previous row's stitches. You will sc through 3 stitches.,p> One thing you have to be careful of is how you finish the rows, that you end up with the same number of stitches across. It's easy to sleight some of the rows; make sure you start in the first previous-color's stitch.


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