Bunnies in a Basket

Small Basket (your choice)
2 mixing sticks
White acrylic paint
5 MM EZ Glue Eyes
3 mm pom poms (pink)
Permanent marker (black, fine point)
3" Styrofoam disc
Easter grass
Tacky Glue
White felt

Instructions: 1. Paint both sides of mixing sticks white.
                   2. Cut sticks in half.
                   3. Glue on eyes, nose and draw on mouth and whiskers with permanent marker.
                   4. Cut 8 ears from felt and glue to stick.
                   5. Glue styrofoam to the basket.
                   6. Stick bunnie sticks into styrofoan.
                   7. Place Easter grass around styrofoam.
                   8. Tie a bow to the basket handle.


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