Friendship Button Bracelet

Gold, silver or white elastic thread
Size 7 steel crochet hook
66 Buttons

Interesting and odd shaped buttons will make this bracelet a real conversation piece.
Select 66 buttons, all in one color or in harmonizing colors and shapes. Each button will tell a story in the finished piece and make it truly an heirloom piece of jewelry.
The foundation for this bracelet is made of gold, silver or white elastic thread. It has three rows of buttons, 22 in each, separated by one row of single crochet. The buttons may be tied on, if desired, with a short length of elastic thread and a sturdy square knot.
The beginning chain may need to be increased for a larger size, more buttons will be needed too. Arrange the buttons in a pleasing manner and in three rows. You may wish to string the buttons after arranging to help keep them in the desired pattern or sequence.

To begin, ch 44, join with sl st in first ch made. Ch 1, sc in each ch st around, join.
Ch 1, join a button by inserting hook through shank of button (or hole), pull lp through and complete sc, continue around in this way until you have joined 22 buttons, join with sl st in ch 1 first made.
Make three rows of buttons with a row of sc between two rows of buttons. Finish off with a sc row to balance the first row made.


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