Blazing Sun Afghan
The glowing colors of the yarns used in this
afghan create excitement - & who could be
chilly under this on a cold winter night? For
a completely different look, substitute soft,
pastel shades.
43" x 60" before fringing
handknitting yarn, Art. E 267.
7 oz each of:
Vermillion #921
Jockey Red #902
Scarlet #909
Burnt Orange #255
Tangerine #253
Orange #245
Yellow #230
Maize #261
Size J aluminum crochet hook (or size
required for gauge)
19 sts = 4 1/2"; 8 rows = 3"
To change color at end of row, draw up lp in
last st (2 lps on hook), change to new color,
YO, draw through both lps, ch 1, turn.
W/ Vermillion loosely ch 200.
Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each
of the next 3 chs; * sc 3 times in next ch (inc
made), sc in next 8 chs, sk 2 chs (dec
made), sc in next 8 chs. Rep from * 10
times, ending sc 3 times in next ch, sc in
each of last 4 chs; ch 1 turn.
Row 2: Working in back lp only of each st,
sk 1st 2 sts, sc in each of next 3 sc, * sc 3
times in next sc (center st of point), sc in
each of next 8 sc, sk 2 sc, sc in each of next
8 sc. Rep from * across, ending sc 3 times
in next sc, sc in each of next 3 sc, sk last 2
sc, sc in turning ch-1; ch 1, turn.
Rep Row 2, 8 more times (10 rows
Vermillion). Attach Jockey Red to last st of
Row 10. Cut old color leaving a 4" yern end
for weaving later.
Rep Row 2 for Jockey Red for 10 rows.
Attach Scarlet, rep Row 2 for 10 rows.
Continue to repeat Row 2, keeping color
sequence as follows; 10 rows each of Burnt
Orange, Tangerine, Orange, Yellow &
Maize. Afghan is now 1/2 done. Complete
rest of afghan by reversing the 10-row color
sequence. Weave in all loose ends.
Folow Single Knot Fringe Instructions
below. W/ Vermillion, cut 16" strands & use
6 strands in each knot. Tie knots at the
points across each short end of afghan.
Hold specified # of strands for 1 knot of
fringe together, the fold in 1/2. Hold afghan
w/ right side facing you. Use crochet hook to
draw folded end through space or stitch
from right to wrong side & pull loose ends
through folded section & draw knot up
firmly. Space knots as indicated in pattern
instructions. Trim ends of fringe evenly.

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