Knitted Dishcloth

Dishcloth measures approx. 10" square.

Materials: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Knit & Crochet Yarn. 1 Skein. Knitting Needles. 1 pair size 6.00mm. (US 10) (UK 4)

Gauge:7 sts = 2" 5 rows = 1" Starting at corner cast on 2 sts. Row 1- K1, yo, K1. Row 2- K1, yo, K to end of row. Rep row 2 until side edges measures 12". End with an even number of sts on needle. Next row - K2 tog, yo, K2 tog, K to end of row. Rep last row until 3 sts remain. Last row - K2 tog, K1. Fasten off. Sew in ends. Only once did I ever make this pattern with the size of needles they ask for. It turns out much nicer if you use about 4.5mm needles. The other thing, if you use 4.5mm needles and 2 strands of yarn they make excelent potholders. They are really nice and thick. The only thing different I did was instead of fastening off I got a crochet hook and chained 10 first.