A HAUNTED HOLLOWEEN WITCH (styrofoam creations)


STYROFOAM-(1) 2"BALL (1) 1"ball,(1) 3"ball,(1)6"egg (1)3"egg,(1)2"egg,(2)6"disks, (1)6"cone
acrylic paint-light green,red and black
doll hair
2 doll eyes,18mm
general supplies...pencil, black marker,low temp glue gun and glue sticks or tacky glue.
Tooth picks or craft picks.

1. Slice one 6" disk in half lengthwise. Glue cone to it to make witch's hat. Paint hat and other 6" DISK BLACK.

2. To make neck and head, sand 3" ball against narrow end of 6" egg for a snug fit and glue. Press sand and glue 1/2" ball on 3" egg to make wart on nose. Press,sand and glue nose to head. Glue 1" ball to bottom of head for chin.

3. Cut 3" egg in half to make ears. Slightly curve the inside of ear lobes by sanding out a spot with another piece of foam. Press,sand and glue ears to head. Paint entire head light green. 4. When dry, press, sand and glue neck to black disk. Glue on eyes, hair and hat. Draw nostrils and mouth with marker.

***************** HELPFUL HINTS ********************

CUTTING Cut away small sections or slices of foam at a time. This will prevent you from cutting too much off foam piece. Cut foam pieces with a serrated knife or a small saw. Wax a blade with a piece of wax or a candle stub for smoother, easier cuts. Always keep the knife perpendicular to the table and cut down with a back and forth "sawing" motion. Trying to maintain as even as possible. Don't worry if your cuts are not exact. Fitting foam pieces together can be "fine-tuned" by pressing and sanding.

PRESSING foam pieces can be pressed, one piece against another firmly, to create a flat spot. The pieces can then be sanded together to remove additional foam, or to create a smooth fit.

SANDING Sanding smoothes the cut edges and surfaces of pieces. This is done by rubbing two pieces of foam together. Whenever possible, rub the cut edges or sides of pieces that will help join together. This will help achieve a smooth fit. Edges can also be rounded using this method.