Pompom Santa



1 glue
1 white pompom - golf ball size
1 red pompom - bigger than white
4 sm red pompoms - gumball size
1 each of felt pieces - red, yellow, black
sport yarn: red, white
1 size b. crochet hook


1. glue the white pompom to the largest red pompom to form Santa's body and head.

2. glue two of the smaller red pompoms together to form each arm, then glue them to Santa's body

3. cut 2 small black felt circles, one small red felt circle, and two small yelow felt circles. Glue the black circles to Santa's face to make eyes, the red circle to Santa's face for a nose. Glue the yellow circles down the front of body to make buttons.

4. to make Santa's mustache, cut several pieces of white sport yarn 1 1/2" long. Time them together in the center and fluff out. Glue under nose.

5. Santa's hat is crocheted. To make the hat use the red yarn. ch4 and join in a circle.

row 1: ch2, 9dc in a circle

row 2: ch2, (1dc in first dc, 2dc in next dc), rep for total of 16 dc

row 3: ch2, (1dc in first dc, 2dc in next dc), rep for a total of 24 dc

row 4: ch2, (1dc in first 3dc, 2dc in next dc), rep for a total of 30 dc

row 5-8 rep row 4, end off

row 9: join on white sport yarn and sc in each dc, end off

glue on the hat; allow to dry.

chain a string of red yarn for the loop at the top of the hat.

Sew on for hanger.

* you can make your own pompoms by wrapping several rounds of yarn around a piece of cardboard that is half the desired wdth of the pompom. Cut the yarn off the cardboard and tightly tie in the center iwth a piece of yarn. Fan out the yarn to make the pompom. Trim the uneven ends.



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