(A #6 hook with 14 rows makes a pot holder approx. 7-1/2" in diameter. Sometimes a #8 hook works better).

 Material: 8/4 carpet warp.

 To begin, chain 6, sl st with first ch to form loop. Ch 3, 11 dc in loop; sl st in top of first ch-3.

 Ch 3, dc in top of first dc, 2 dc in next dc, ch 1. *2 dc in each of next two dc, ch 1.* Repeat between * until the circle is complete; sl st in top of ch-3. There should be 24 stitches in this circle (row).

 Ch 3. *2 dc in first dc, dc in next two dc, then 2 dc in next dc, ch 1. Continue from * around circle, then sl st in top of ch3.*

 Repeat between * until there are 10-14 rows, depending on desired size.

 Make two complete panels; finish one panel leaving a 12" tail of extra string. Then use a contrasting color and put the two panels together with a sc through both panels' top dc; and 2 sc in each of the ch spaces.

 At the beginning point, attach last sc to first sc with sl st. Pick up extra length and ch the two colors together to form loop of desired length. Finish off and pull extra lengths between panels to hide.


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