Jiffy pullover

6 7,7 skeins lion brand
Jiffy ombre (2 1/2 oz)
1 Size i and k cro hk
gauge:on lg hk in dc-5sts=2"
finished width at underarm:44 (47, 50)"
this looks very open, lacy and very long, very comfy looking

 note:item is crocheted vertically starting at one side edge and ending at other side edge. ribbands are worked on afterwards

 back:w/lg hk, ch 48(50,52)
row 1:dc in 4th ch from hk and ea ch across, ch3, turn
row 2:dc in 2nd st and ea st across, ch3, turn 46(48,50)dc count turning ch as 11dc
rep row 2 for pattern
work to 22(23 1/2, 25)"from beg. fasten off

 front:work same as back

 finishing;sew or weave shoulder seams, leaving 9(9 1/2, 10)" opening at center for neck. mark front and back at upper side edges 9(9 1/2, 10)" down from shoulder seams for beg and end of armholes. sew side seams from lower edge to markers.

 lower ribband;from right side w/lg hk, join yarn at side seam, ch1. work 78(82, 86)sc evenly spaced around lower edge to form base row. change to sm hk, ch15, turn
row 1:sc in 2nd ch from hk and ea ch across-14sc, sc in sc of base row, turn
row 2:sc in back lp of ea sc across, ch1, turn
row 3: sc in back lp of ea sc across, sc in back lp of next sc of base row, turn
rep row 2 and 3 for rib pattern around lower edge. weave ribband together

 armhole bands:w/lg hk and right side facing work 44(47,50)sc evenly spaced around armhole. change to sm hk, ch8. work as lower ribband on 7sts. work around entire armhole. weave bands together


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