Rose Beads:


1 part fresh Rose Geranium Leaves

2 parts fresh Rose Petals, the more fragrant the better

Rose Water

Remove the white stem ends from the petals. Cover the petals and leaves with rosewater in a non-metallic pan. Cover and simmer for 30 minutes. Ensure that the mixture doesn't actually boil. Turn off the heat and let soak until the next day. Repeat the half-hour simmering again. Repeat these simmerings and soakings for three days in all, adding water as necessary. On the last day squeeze out all of the water until you have a fragrant mess. The mixture should be dry enough to hold its shape.

Hand form into small round beads, about 1/4" long. Push a large needle or stiff wire through each bead to form holes for stringing. Let dry for a week or so, rotating them to ensure even drying. The beads are ugly and black, but when worn on the body release a delicious rose scent. Wear on the body, add to sachets, put in purses, etc.

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