Welcome to all of these visitors to the Hobbit Hole!

sheila - 11/24/99 00:50:51
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thank you for sharing your patterns with me sheila----

Barb Culbertson - 11/21/99 04:42:10
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I was looking for patterns for snowflakes and I came across your web page. I really like it. You do real good in designing it. I am still constructing my page and I don't know if I have all of my links right but you are welcomed to look at it if you would like. Do you belong to any crochet lists? I am a member of Cancrochet. The address for it is Cancrochet@onelist.com Check it out! The ladies on this list are great! You don't have to stick strictly to crochet topics. A lot of the ladies are from Canada and there are a lot from the U.S. too. Take Care! Barb

Dee - 11/19/99 18:15:45
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had a ver nice time thanks for sharing your site

Dee - 11/15/99 21:02:29
My Email:tomdee@adnc.com

Thank you for the free crochet patterns and kids stuff, it's so fun to fine these things on the internet, I go through them I love to see how they turn out, of course I can over to it with ideas, sometimes house cleaning suffers (oh well)!! Thanks again ee

Cynthia - 11/10/99 01:39:39
My Email:avakitty1@aol.com

very nice site! I have been looking for directions on how to make the basic granny square. Used to make them many years ago, but had forgotten how, so this was nice. I love to crochet, and spend a lot of cold winter nights here in Minnesota making afgh ns for friends and neighbors and loved ones!

Regina - 10/28/99 00:45:23
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Evy Hottle - 10/22/99 14:19:54
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I thought I'd check out your site for a potholder shaped like a cow. You don't have one, yet, but I LOVE your site. Bookmarked it and will use it in the future!

Marleana Kennedy - 10/21/99 21:42:13
My Email:dollmaker25@hotmail.com

You have some wonderful patterns, would like to find more baby patterns though.

Bev - 10/21/99 05:34:10
My Email:shaboom@sprint.ca

thanx for the instructions. although it is hard to read

heather - 10/11/99 19:14:40
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Hello! You've got an excellent page! Keep up the great work! ~*nitsug*~

margie - 10/11/99 07:28:00
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What an incredible site! Thank you.

Hadassah Hallman - 10/02/99 23:38:44
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Nice Site! Please vsit our site and send me your comments. Thanks so much!

Beverly Tennant - 09/30/99 21:59:15
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This is one great site. It is loaded with some great things. I am forwarding it to a friend that is also into crafts. I love the info on the pets.

Michele - 09/23/99 15:50:16
My Email:Michele4ou@aol.com

Love your crochet patterns, just thought I'd let you know. P. S. I am a huge Hobbit fan too. LOL

PVELP - 09/03/99 15:02:09
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didn't think i'd sign the guestbook, didya?

Amy - 08/18/99 14:00:00

Nice website!

Malin Sandlin - 08/15/99 10:13:00
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What a nice page, Karen! I enjoyed it very much. Your cats seemed nice! I also have a cat. His name is Alis and he is a half siamese... Bye!

FavoriteFolder - 07/24/99 23:54:09
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Wow, nice page. nice music. very original.

Bobbi Martin - 07/19/99 01:27:09
My Email:bobbij316@hotmail.com

Hi there, I just had to tell you I love your site. The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings are my favorite stories, I have the entire collection and have read them over and over.

Pamela - 07/05/99 16:01:26
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Great webpage! It was nice meeting Pixel and Felix.

LuvKittys - 06/28/99 23:00:35
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hewo Pixel and Felix, We had fun visiting you guys, Come visit us some time ,we luv to have our furinds over.we have lots of catnip, and Misalanious stuff to do . Chester Cheech and Puffer,Purrs and mew's

hennie - 06/06/99 10:34:56
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I liked your page a lot. Enjoyed learning about TS. Please come see my page and learn about my health story, a real inspiring story . Hennie

Donna (donna_g) - 06/05/99 01:23:40
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Ranch/6771
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Hi Karen, I just wanted to tell you again that it has been wonderful working with you and I will miss you. I'm sure you have a wonderful future ahead of you. Hugs!

Sarah - 05/08/99 02:41:50
My Email:Alvina22@aol.com

Love hobbits and crochet. What a great combination. Love your site

Nancy Sleeman - 04/09/99 14:56:10
My Email:n.sleeman@worldnet.att.net

Been a crocheter for a long time. Taught myself thru How To Do book. Will be back later. Thank you for being here.

Darla - 03/31/99 02:07:07
My Email:streeter@gte.net

Have any dragons laying around the hole? I know you know Smaug, but I'm looking for something a bit more friendly for an afghan or toy for the kiddies.

toni - 03/12/99 00:24:41
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Like you I love the Hobbit series! I like the title of your webpage! Also like you I tend to reread the series at least once a year! Thank you for your web page!

diane - 01/26/99 11:31:32
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Hello to you all- really glad to have found this site almost by accident

Regina Hooper - 01/24/99 15:12:16
My URL:https://www.angelfire.com/ms/prekteach
My Email:rhooper1@meta3.net

Hi. Great page. I especially loved reading the voices of TS. My daughter is 5 with TS, and she is doing great. I would love to chat with anyone about TS so please e-mail me if you have a question. Thanks for all of the great info! Regina Hooper

Jeaneane - 01/22/99 19:15:05
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Good patterns, glad I found you!

toys - 01/10/99 21:46:35
My Email:toys@scrtc.blue.net

Hello, I've been very interested in your story and trying to read about "TURNER SYNDROME". I was pregant and carried my baby girl till 5 months. I had a still birth at 21 weeks. Doctors told me that a still birth was possible, when they told me that my ba y had "TURNER SYNDROME". Of course almost 5 years have passed now but I still find myself trying to learn more about it and wondering what my baby "MEGAN" would have looked like and all the things that might have been. Please feel free to write me anytime you and others who have lived with this syndrome are living proof of all the hopes I had for my own daughter, Even tho that has all passed me now I still am very interested in learning more about how you and others have coped. My e-mail address is toys scrtc.blue.net

kristin barclay - 01/05/99 15:31:23
My Email:krisb21@hotmail.com

Dear Karen, hi, my name is kristin and i am a sophomore at amelia county high school in amelia va. my health class and i are doing reports on genetic disorders and i am doing turner syndrome. your web site has helped me to know how a person lives with it. sincely, kristin barclay

Jo - 12/27/98 03:33:47
My Email:grandmajo@prodigy.net

Love your homepage and all the other pages too. Your website is so wonderful. I crochet a lot and appreciate the many patterns you have. I am going to start one. I am on ICQ also and would love to chat. Your page is numero uno, I love the Hobbit. Jo

Neil Boardman - 12/15/98 22:26:36
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Great content on your site!!! Keep up the hard work.

Sheila Foster - 12/12/98 14:16:57
My Email:DOFoster@ardmore.net

Looking for a 12 year old friend who also has Turner's to chat with or be a pen pal. It's lonesome down here!!

Rober - 11/27/98 15:58:12
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There are good hobbits which take loving years to learn how to Handel before they become the music of our lives. I think you've found the secret.

Shirley Poirier - 11/25/98 22:36:31
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Just passing through, and found the site. Excellent work. Thanks. www.cnwl.igs.net/~poirier

Donna_G - 11/03/98 07:03:22
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Hi Karen, I haven't been here before so I thought it's about time I did. Nice site, and your fish is gorgeous. Please don't forget to feed him. Hugs!

ppeast - 11/02/98 18:33:45
My Email:ppeast@succeed.net

Interesting website.

Karen - 10/26/98 20:20:23


Leanie The Hobbit - 10/20/98 08:43:15
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Love your page, but then I would. I am Tolkien and Piers Anthony fan. When you got nothing better to do, stop by my place. Be warned, perhaps too many graphics. I have lots about Xanth series.

V Straw - 10/16/98 00:38:12
My Email:vnstraw@iamerica.net

I am viewing some of the sites for ideas for my Homepage. I am a grandmother 76 years old and my kids went together and got me the computer and etc. I am very active and love the knowledge and the info that I didnt know existed. Love your ideas. One of he best.
ry informative. Keep it up.

Belynda - 09/30/98 12:22:39
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Kewl page you have here!:-) I was just checkig out my Heartland Webring neighnours pages and seeing what you were up to:-) Like the way you've made your site like a "house"..very cute!

Nicki - 09/29/98 01:58:29
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I love your page! I am in Community Leader Training, and have just finished figuring out what was wrong with your felixpage graphic! I love the Cats music! :)

Patrick - 07/02/98 19:15:41
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Hi Karen, I just found your page on another guestbook, so I thought I'd check it out. I like the Hobbit hole Idea.. it's pretty cool... that was a good book .. anyhoo.. i'm going do some more guestbook hoping .. so ... Take Care Patrick=)

Jan - 06/29/98 05:42:34
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Nice homepage. Just stopped by on my way to become a Community Leader. Now I'm going to figure out what's wrong with your felixpage grphics. See you later !!!

06/14/98 09:29:41
Name: Lisa My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me How did you find me?: rode in on the rail

Hi Rail neighbour! I like your site - I'd be interested to see more about your crafts (I do some cross stitch). Keep up the good work! from Lisa.

06/14/98 07:54:13
Name: Kim My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me How did you find me?: You told me *S*

Your site looks Great Karen, and it's really informative too. I've got it bookmarked so I can see more later on, but I'm not done for the night just yet either. *S* Thank you so much for sharing your site with me, I've really been enjoying looking around n here too :-)