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F is for one of my favorite felinese is for everything my cat does to make me laughl is for the litterbox they insist I keep cleani is for how intelligent my cats arex is for how they eXcel in amusing me

Felix's Page

My name is Felix. I'm a big black and white cat, 8 years old. Don't you love my tuxedo? I am so special, I have extra toes on each paw. That's called "polydactyl" or "mitten cat" and is an inherited gene. I know some people think we should be considered a special breed.

Karen fell in love with me at the San Bernardino Animal Shelter when I was a kitten, despite the fact that she already had Pixel and knew Gary was going to disapprove. I was in a cage with a tortoiseshell, Karen doesn't know if she was my sister or not. I had been in there a long time and had been bottle raised by one of the attendants. When I came home, Pixel didn't like me much, and he's still rather mean to me, insisting on giving me baths that turn into fights.

We now have two dogs in the house, Odo and Lucky. They have their own pages, of course, or will shortly. Lucky is OK, she understands that the cats run this house and she's just hired help. Odo, on the other hand.... well, I'll let Pixel tell that part of the story.

My favorite things are eating and sleeping, as it should be. I'll play at times, but I'd much rather be on Karen's lap. I'm not the smartest or the fastest cat in the world, but I get there. I have a very loud purr and use it as often as possible.

If you absolutely MUST, you can take a look at Pixel's page even though he's a very bossy big brother. There are also two dogs here, Lucky and Odo. I get along with them a bit better than Pixel does because I just lay on the couch and watch the silly things.


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