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Hi, my name is Lucky. I'm (probably) a Labrador Retriever/Rottweiler mix and I've had a very interesting life!

My previous owners found me wandering in the dangerous streets of south-central Los Angeles 7 or so years ago. They took really good care of me, though, so I still love people, except when they're using flashlights or flash cameras. Karen and Gary haven't yet figured out what troubles me about flashlights, but I think they guess that it has something to do with the LA riots, which happened around the same time and place I was found.

I'm a perfect lady other than forgetting I'm on a leash when I see a squirrel (I have to pull really hard!). In fact, Gary and Karen think I'm so well behaved that I may become a therapy dog soon!

Unfortnately, the nice people who rescued me from the slum divorced and moved into places they couldn't keep me. They asked some friends of theirs if they could take care of me and find me a new home (they were really nice, too, and had two friendly Doxies I had fun playing with). About that same time, their friends Karen and Gary were looking for a dog to make their new house into a home. They came to meet me the next week, and we got along so well they knew they wanted me.

I was an only dog for a few weeks, and must have been too busy to notice that all that time they had also been talking to people who rescue Australian Shepherds. They finally settled on Odo - if you want to see his page, go here.

Though we have an occasional tiff, Odo and I are getting along better and better all the time. We have a pretty good life - we are loved a lot, get two walks a day, good food, trips to the dog park on weekends, and occasional tidbits of people food.

Oh, I should mention that there *are* two cats in residence here, Pixel and Felix. I get along with them pretty well now that I promised I'd never "fetch kitty" again. :) But they still hiss and spit at Odo, I think it's because he's more active.

Thanks for taking the time to read about me!