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Hi there, I'm Odo, the most recent addition to the Davis family. I'm a blue merle Australian Shepherd, and I know I'm gorgeous! Karen and Gary adopted me from an animal shelter in the fall of '99, acting on a tip from Aussie Rescue. I'm somewhere around 6 years old, and have one blue eye and one brown eye marbled with a teense of blue.

Karen was told when she found me that I was given up to the pound because I barked too much. The truth is I was ousted by a horrid poodle and HAD to register my displeasure about being away from my people. It was an outrage for me to be kept outdoors! I was called Beau or Loverbeau, but Karen and Gary thought that I should have a new name along with my new life with them. Since Aussies are great watchdogs, what better to name me than the name of the constable on Star Trek, Deep Space 9?

I'm a typical Aussie, I always have to be busy at my job (keeping up with everything going on in the house and yard), which is crucially important, so I get really upset when I can't use my doggy door. I showed them how upset I was by peeing on the floor as soon as they brought me upstairs the first night, so I now have to go sleep in a special house every night (they call it a crate). I sorta like it, really, but don't tell Gary or Karen.

Gary and Karen are working hard at teaching me how to act in their house. Sometimes I don't like the rules, but they usually help me understand why I have to obey. Now that I behave mostly OK, I get to go to the dog park on weekends and run around, and when Karen has time, I've had some lessons in agility!

Pixel and Felix are still giving me the cold shoulder - it seems like they don't like to play chase? Every time I walk past them they hiss and growl! That isn't very nice to do to your new brother!

Lucky is pretty nice to me, as sisters go. We have our squabbles, though, particularly if she takes longer than I do to eat a treat. Then I figure it's MINE!