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"This hobbit was a very well-to-do hobbit, and his name was Baggins.... "

While I'm not "well-to-do" like Bilbo Baggins, here's my opportunity to tell you something about myself. My name's Karen, I'm a 30-something California native, currently living in Burbank, California with my husband Gary. Me
Pixel and Felix We have two gorgeous cats, Pixel and Felix who will tell their own stories on their pages. Pixel is the orange one, Felix is the black and white one. They've also helped me collect a few tid-bits of kitty cat information - humor as well as serious stuff - to share with in their "sunny window."
When we finally achieved our dream of owning a home of our own, we were also able to add two dogs to our menagerie. Odo and Lucky tell their stories on their pages, and are helping me collect doggy stuff [which will be up soon].


The photo album there on the coffee table contains some pictures if you'd like to see what Gary and I look like, as well as some other meaningful pictures from the past.

One of the major influences in my life has been a genetic condition I was born with, Turner Syndrome. Together with a number of other TS women, we've collected short anecdotes about what it's like to have this condition in Voices of Turner Syndrome.

If you're finished exploring my site and share some of my interests, please visit my link page to visit some areas I've found.