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P is for Pixel the tabby catI is for the intelligence all cats haveX is for the eXtra intelligence my cat hase is for everything cute Pixel has done since he was a kittenL is for how much I love my cat

Pixel's Page

Hello, I'm Pixel. I'm 8 years old, a gorgeous orange tabby cat.

Karen adopted me from the pound when I was just a kitten. She and Gary had decided that they wanted a cat, then decided what they were going to name me. Both Karen and Gary are fans of Robert Heinlein's science fiction, and so when they thought of cat names, they came up with the name Pixel. They checked The Cat Who Walks Through Walls to find out what color my fictional namesake was, and found he was orange. When they went to the Riverside Humane Society, I was there, an orange kitten with my grey littermates.

I had some minor health problems as a kitten, but I got over them and am now a very healthy 15 pound boy.

My special favorite games are playing with my dart (I particularly like suction cup darts) and chasing the dot of light from Karen's watch or a flashlight. I also especially like smurgling with Karen's ears.

I'm afraid of balloons and ceiling fans, and require all felines in my presence to be very clean. Felix (a black and white tuxedo cat somewhat larger than I am] needs to be groomed very often for this reason and held down when he doesn't allow it.

If you'd like to meet my brother, go here, or you can go back to the window where Karen has lots of kitty stuff, funny and serious.

If you MUST, there also happen to be two d*gs living here, Lucky and Odo.


This is me in a typical pose. Cats are required by law to ensure all boxes are used this is me as a kitten, aren't I cute?
like all cats, I rule the house.

The Rail